Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic is a British airline that operates from London-Gatwick, London-Heathrow and Manchester. The airline offers long-haul flights only, mostly to the United States and the Caribbean. Virgin Atlantic operates Airbus A330 & A340 and Boeing 747 & 787 aircraft with a three-class cabin configuration (Economy, Premium Economy and Upper/Business Class). Passengers are a mix of business and leasure guests.

The most important information follows below:


After completing your initial training course, you will receive a six-month temporary contract. After that, you might receive a permanent contract. They are allowed to employ you on a fixed term contract 3 times before they have to offer you a permanent contract.

Promotion/Career perspectives:

1. Cabin Crew

after 4-10 years

2. Cabin Service Supervisor

after 10 years

3. Flight Service Manager

Salary / Wage:

The payment depends on the date of hiring and consists of Basic Pay, Trip Pay, Comission on Sales and Subsistence Allowances.

Cabin crew hired before the 1st of January 2017 will receive the following basic pay before tax:

- Flight Service Manager: £30,423

- Cabin Service Supervisor: £24,189

- Cabin Crew: £15,600

Cabin crew hired after the 1st of January 2017 will receive the following basic pay before tax:

- First Year after completing training course: £14,178

- Second Year: £14,652

- Third Year: £15,126

- From the beginning of the fourth year: £15,600

Additionally, you will receive Trip Pay. This is an extra payment (before tax) for each return-flight you do (around 5 per month):

- Flight Service Manager: £94

- Cabin Service Supervisor: £77

- Cabin Crew: £64

Additionally, you will receive Subsistence/Overnight Allowance (money to cover your meals/drink costs during your time away from home). This could be between $150-$400 - tax free - per trip (around 5 trips per month).

You also receive comission on the duty free sales (around £100 per month before tax).


As a beginning cabin crew you will approx. earn the following in a month with 5 short trips:

- £14,178 / 12 months = £1182 Basic Pay

- 5 trips x £64 = £320 Trip Pay

- £100 duty free comission

- 5 trips x £180 = £800 Overnight Allowance (tax free) (This amount is flexible! It depends on destination/number of trips!)

Total: around £1600 before tax salary + around £800 tax free layover allowance

Home base:

Your home base will be located in London (Gatwick and Heathrow). After some years you might be entitled to move to the Manchester base.

Where you will stay after your working day:

Working at Virgin Atlantic means that you will always fly long haul flights and will stay at your destination for at least one night. On most flights you will not stay longer than one night, but flights with up to 4 nights at your destination are possible.

Roster / Schedule:

Your schedule will mostly contain around five return flights. You will fly to your destination on day one, stay for one or more nights, return on the following day and will have multiple days off. After those days off, you will start with your new trip.

The number of days off after a trip depend on the lenght of the trip and the time difference between home base and destination:

- Time Difference: 4-6 hours: 2 days off; 7-9 hours: 3 days off; more than 9 hours: 4 days off

- Trip Lenght: less than 4 days: 1-2 days off; 4-6 days: 2 days off; 7-8 days: 3 days off; 9-10; 4 days off



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