Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is the state-owned flag carrier of the State of Qatar. Just as with Emirates and Etihad, Qatar Airways takes care of many things for you. Your home base will be in the capital of Qatar: Doha. You will be provided a shared apartment in Doha and you will be brought to and from the airport back to your apartment. However, you must not forget that this might interfere with your feelings of freedom to do whatever you like, invite whoever you like, whenever you like; as your employer might be able to check on you more easily. You have to work hard, but this will allow you to see many amazing places the world has to offer. Your colleagues come from all over the world and the corporate language is English.

The most important information follows below:


After completing your initial training course, you will  receive a fixed term contract for three years, with a probation period of six months. After these three years, your contract might be prolonged.

Promotion/Career perspectives:

1. Cabin Crew F2 (Economy Class)

After approximately 2 years:

2. Cabin Crew F1 (Business or First Class)

After approximately 2-3 years:

3. Cabin Senior CS (in charge of Economy Class on wide-body aircraft and of complete aircraft on narrow-body aircraft)

After approximately 2-3 years:

4. Cabin Senior Director CSD (in charge of wide-body aircraft)

Salary / Wage:

The salary is completely tax free. The salary is based on both a basic salary and an hourly pay per flight hour. Your salary does not grow per year, but with every promotion. Due to sickness, standby or leave, the actual flying hours might be reduced. Normal flying hours are somewhere between 80-100 hours. The basic salary for the first 6 months is QR 3600 (€733). After completing the probation period (after the first six months), the basic salary will raise to QR 4000 (€811) for the F2 position. The hourly pay per flight hour is QR 45 (€9) for the F2 position.

The salary for each position are as follows:

1. F2: approx. €1500

2. F1: approx. €2000

3. CS: approx. €2200

4. CSD: approx. €2700


- Shared furnished apartment in Doha paid by Qatar Airways

- Transportation from and to the airport before and after work


- Layover allowance

- Extra hours are paid when flying more than 950 hours a year (which will be easily reached)

Home base:

- Doha

Home base:

- Doha

Where you will stay after your working day:

- Sometimes you will stay at a hotel in another city or sometimes you return back to Doha at the end of the day. Especially during the first months, you will mostly fly turnarounds (always returning back to Doha).


You fly across the entire world, operating on both long and short haul flights. Your roster is put together by giving you a minimum rest time after returning to Doha. After that, you are able to fly again. You will fly around 80-100 (mostly 90-100) hours per month and you will have at least 8 days off. On the right side, you will find an example roster.


- You will receive 30 days of annual leave

- You will receive one free ticket per year to your country of origin

Initial Training Course:

- 7 weeks

- You will receive around €600 to €700 per month

More information on the Qatar Airways website!



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