Qantas International (QCCA Contract)

Qantas is both the largest airline and the flag carrier of Australia. Its headquarters is located in Sydney, with the main hub being Sydney Airport. You have multiple possibilites to start you cabin crew / flight attendant career with Qantas. You could work for QantasLink (Regional flights on small aircraft within Australia), Qantas UK (based in London and flying to Singapore and Perth), Jetconnect International Long Haul (long haul flights from Auckland, New Zealand), Jetconnect International Short Haul (flights to Australia from Auckland and Wellington), Qantas Domestic (flights within Australia and some neighbouring countries) or Qantas International (International flights, mostly from Sydney or Melbourne). This article discusses the working conditions of Qantas International.

The most important information follows below:


After completing your initial training course, you will be on probation for 6 months. After that, you could receive a permanent contract.

Since 2007, all new Qantas International cabin crew are working on a "Qantas Cabin Crew Australia - QCCA" contract. The working conditions on QCCA are not as good anymore as the contracts that were offered before 2007.

Promotion/Career perspectives:

1. Trainee flight attendant

after completing training:

2. Entree flight attendant

after 12 months:

3. Flight attendant

after a succesful application and training:

4. Customer Service Supervisor

after a succesful application and training:

5. Customer Service Manager

Salary / Wage:

The basic yearly salary rates in AUD ($) are as follows:

- Trainee flight attendant: $41,134 (hourly rate of $26.37)

- Entree flight attendant:$43,677 (hourly rate of $28.00)

- Flight attendant: $44,551 (hourly rate of $28.56)

- Customer Service Supervisor: $71,762 (hourly rate of $46.00)

- Customer Service Manager: $91,334 (hourly rate of $58.55)

The basic salary is paid upto 225 duty hours (including ground time, flight duty, standy duty and coach flying) in a 56 day roster period. When working more than 225 hours in those 56 days, you will be paid the hourly rate for every additional hour.

Additionally, you will be paid an incidentals allowance of $3.26 for every block hour flown.

Home base:

Your home base will be located in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.

Where you will stay after your working day:

Working at Qantas International means that you will always fly long haul flights and will stay at your destination for at least one night. On most flights you will not stay longer than one night, but multiple nights are possible.

The destinations you will fly to depend on the aircraft type you work on. Qantas International has two different groups:

- Mainline (Boeing 747 and Airbus A330)

- World Fleet (Airbus A380 and Boeking 787)

In the beginning, cabin crew with the new QCCA contract had to work for World Fleet. Currently, QCCA also offers contracts for Mainline (for example from Melbourne).



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