easyJet is a - so called - low cost carrier. By keeping its operational costs as low as possible, Easyjet is able to sell its tickets for a low price. The flights will take you across Europe and as a cabin crew with Easyjet, your working day will always end at your homebase. The exciting part of working for easyJet is that you can be based in one of Europe´s amazing cities. Therefore, you can move to London, or to Paris if that is your taste. This way, you are able to explore new cultures and optimize your language skills. Important to know is, that if you want to apply for a base outside of the UK, you have to be able to speak the language of that country.

The most important information follows below:


After completing your initial training course, you will mostly receive a fixed term contract. Sometimes, easyJet also offers permanent contracts.

Promotion/Career perspectives:

1. Cabin Crew

After a minimum of 1 year:

2. Cabin Crew Manager

Salary / Wage:

Starting salary around £10.000 basic salary and around  £60 per day sector pay (all before tax). Besides that, you will get a 2,5% commission (10% for the whole crew, mostly divided by 4) from everything sold on board of your flights.

In total, you will make around  £1100- £1200 during winter months and  £1400- £1600 in summer (all after tax). The difference is because of the fact that you will be flying less during the winter.

Home base:

easyJet has a large number of bases. Depending on your availability and language skills, you might be based in London, Berlin, Rome or many other cities across Europe. Remember that if you -  for example- want to be based in Rome, you need to speak English AND Italian fluently.

Where you will stay after your working day:

You (almost) always return back to your home base, which means that you almost always sleep in your own bed.

Roster / Schedule:

Your roster is very flexible. This means, that you could be flying for two days, with one day off. But you could also be flying for six days, with three days off afterwards. Per day, you will operate on two or four flights.

Internal Initial Training Course:

- 3 Weeks ( + one week of self study at home before the training starts) in Luton

- Easyjet provides for shared hotel accomodation in Luton

- The training is paid by easyJet. However, they expect you to stay with easyJet for at least six months (otherwise you will have to pay back part of the training costs).

More information can be found on the easyJet website!




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