Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus is the flag carrier of Ireland. It is currently a fully owned subsidiary of International Airlines Group (IAG), which is also the parent company of Iberia and British Airways. Both the airline´s head office and main crew base are located at Dublin Airport in Cloghran, Ireland. Aer Lingus offers both European and transantlantic flights. Within Europe, the airline offers a low-cost product, while on the transatlantic routes a full service is offered in two classes. 

The most important information follows below:


After completing your initial training course, you will mostly receive a fixed term contract. Sometimes, Aer Lingus also offers permanent contracts that include working during the summer months and being on unpaid leaving during winter.

Promotion/Career perspectives:

1. Training Cabin Crew

After three months:

2. Fully qualified Cabin Crew

After at least two years:

3. Senior Cabin Crew Member

After at least two years:

4. Cabin Crew Manager

Salary / Wage:

You can potentially earn between €1,900 and €2,000 monthly take home pay (inclusive of base and variable pay on a monthly average throughout a Summer season).

Home base:

Aer Lingus offers cabin crew positions in Dublin and Cork. Dublin is the main base with good chances of also doing transatlantic flights (mostly after at least 1 year). 

Where you will stay after your working day:

You (almost) always return back to your home base when flying European routes, which means that you almost always sleep in your own bed. Transatlantic flights, however, will always include at least one night abroad. Transatlantic flights include Canada (Toronto and Montreal) and the United States (Boston, Chicago, Hartford, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York City, Newark, Orlando, Philadelphia, San Fransisco and Washington DC).

Roster / Schedule:

Your roster is very flexible. This means, that you could be flying for two days, with one day off. But you could also be flying for four/five days, with two/three days off afterwards. After a transatlantic flight, you will have at least two days off at your home base. On a working day, you will operate on one transatlantic flight or on two to six European flights.

Internal Initial Training Course:

- 6 Weeks in Dublin

- The training is paid by Air Lingus and you will receive a training salary

More information can be found on the Aer Lingus website!



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