Training Course

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Internal Training


Every airline has its own internal training course with the purpose of training future cabin crew of this airline. This way, each airline can emphasize on particular subjects and can therefore create its ideal cabin crew. These training courses normally last somewhere between three to ten weeks, but normally take around six weeks to complete. The course usually consists of two parts: safety/ security and service.


1. Safety & Security


This is normally the most important part of the course, as this is the main reason why there are cabin crew on board an aircraft. Subjects being discussed during this part of the training are:


- Emergency landing on land and on water

- Loss of cabin pressure (i.e. oxygen Masks drop from the ceiling)

- Fire on board

- Surviving on land or on water after an emergency landing (e.g. using life rafts and life vests)

- First Aid

- Crew resource Management (i.e. communication within the crew)


2. Service


This part of the course is very different for each airline. Some airlines have multiple booking classes (economy, premium economy, business and first class) and offer a meal and drink service for free. Other airlines have only one booking class and offer meals and drinks for sale.




The costs for the internal training course are different for each airline as well. Some airlines already start paying salary during the course, other airlines only pay the course, while there are also some airlines that ask their future cabin crew to pay for their training course. When clicking on "Airline", you will find more information about the actual training costs for each airline.



External Training


Some training companies have specialized themselves in offering training courses for wannabee-cabin crew. As every airline offers an internal training course, it is not necessary to participate (and pay a lot of money) in one of those courses.