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Not everyone can just start a career as a cabin crew / flight attendant. Before an airline looks at your actual application, it will first make sure that you meet the strict requirements that are set by the airlines. Speaking in general, these are the most common requirements for a job as a cabin crew / flight attendant:


- Not too young (mostly starting from 18-21 years old)

- At least a High School / GED / GCSE Diploma (for most airlines)

- Being friendly, service minded and well groomed

- No visible tattoos or piercings while wearing uniform

- Speaking English fluently (preferably able to speak more languages)

- Speaking the native language of the country of your base (for most airlines)

- Height within a specific range, mostly about 5’2” (158cm) to 6’3” (190cm)

- Height and weight in proportion

- Being able to swim well

- The right to live and work in the country of your base

- Being able to reach your base within (mostly) 60-90 minutes


See "Airlines" for more detailed information per airline