British Airways

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British Airways (Mixed Fleet)



British Airways has changed a lot during the last years. Currently it consists of four different Cabin Crew fleets. These four fleets are not mixed and work on different contracts. Three of these fleets are based at London-Heathrow: Worldwide (flying long-haul), Euro-Fleet (flying short-haul) and Mixed-Fleet (flying both long- and short-haul). The fourth is based at London-Gatwick (flying both long- and short-haul). This page refers to Mixed Fleet based in London-Heathrow.


The most important information follows below:



After completing your initial training course, you will have a 6 month probation period. After that, you will receive a permanent contract.


Promotion/Career perspectives:

1. Cabin Crew in Economy and Business Class

2. Qualified Cabin Crew

3. World Class Cabin Crew

4. Customer Service Manager (Senior Cabin Crew)

5. Cabin Crew Manager (Inflight Business Manager)


Salary / Wage:

Starting Cabin Crew before tax:

- £ 12.000 per year - basic salary - £ 12.500 after 6 months


- £ 2.80 per hour - elapsed hourly rate (EHR) (average of £500-£750 a month)

(payed every hour away from Heathrow, starting from checkin at Heathrow continuously - also during layover time abroad - until 30 minutes after landing back in Heathrow)


- Max. £150 per month - incentive pay

(based on number of sick-days, inflight performance, etc.)


Average wage is around £1.250 - £1.600 per month after tax, depending on your roster.


Basic salary after promotion:

Qualified Cabin Crew - £13.000

World Class Cabin Crew - £14.000

Customer Service Manager - £25.000


Home base:

You´re home base will be London Heathrow.


Where you will stay after your working day:

- Sometimes you will stay at a hotel in another city or sometimes you return back to London at the end of the day. Mostly however, you will fly long haul flights, which will mostly be flights with a 24 hour stop-over at another continent. However, 48 hour (or longer) stop-overs are also possible (Singapore, Rio de Janeiro, etc.).



You fly across the entire world, operating on both long and short haul flights. You can influence your roster by a bidding system. This will give you the opportunity to bid for certain flights or for days off at certain days. You will have at least 9 days off per month (not put together).



- You will receive 30 days of annual leave


Initial Training Course:

- 40-47 days

- During the training, your are paid the basic salary (without EHR)



More information on the British Airways website!